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  1. Hello Kim,

    I will start Ocrevus next Thursday, I’ve been on Rebif 44mcg since February 2003. What can I explain with my new medication. I don’t like switching medications. The last time I was switched from one drug to another after the last day of not having the old prescription I had seizure on my motorcycle. Please tell me there are no drastic changes with my new medication the time.


    1. Hi, Ricky: I was worried about switching to Ocrevus from Copaxone because I don’t like switching medications either. If your doctor thinks Ocrevus will help you, it’s a good idea to give it a try. I’m glad I did even though I really didn’t want to.
      What helped me>>>Instead of thinking about what could go wrong, I tried to think about the things that could go right (feeling better, less fatigue, etc.,).
      Ocrevus may make you tired for a few days so take it easy and rest until your body adjusts. Let me know how it goes! –Kim

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