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  1. omg i love heath bars, this is the most amazing recipe i have seen, i so cant wait to try it out, my mouth is watering, thank you so much for a great recipe

  2. I love this dip! It is my favorite fruit dip by far! Only question.. I had this at a party for the first time and that is how I discovered it. It was creamy too, so you didn’t have to fight it to get it on the apple. When I made it, it wasn’t creamy at all. I asked her what she used and she replied “Sorry, but I don’t share my recipes”… So now I am here. How can I make this creamier like it looks in the picture instead of a thick “peanut butter” like?

    1. Mandee—Wow! Someone wouldn’t share her recipe? I think it’s a huge compliment when someone asks me for my recipe.
      I found that the softer the cream cheese, and the more I whipped it, the smoother it became. I like mine smooth too =) Hope that helps!

      1. Yea! That is how I am too! Anyhow, thanks for the tip.. I was just mixing it together with a fork so I will try using a mixer next time!

  3. Def. saving this! As boring as it sounds, apples are my fav fruit – I love eating them as is (“horse munching” as my bf says), making apple related treats – tarts, pies, juices, pairing them with meat…this is great!

  4. i didn’t realize it was Apple pie month. I believe an apple a day keeps the doc away. It is also oral hygiene month but I still tend to bake mostly punpkin pie in October…

  5. This sounds really good.. I am always looking for new ways to get my daughter to eat more fruits and veggies.. I’ll have to try this dip and see if she likes it

  6. I love eating apples because I know that they are good for me! I really like this recipe and am going to Pin it to Pinterest. I had some apples for a snack last night and I dipped them in caramel. I do not do this too often though because I do not want to turn a healthy apple into something unhealthy! But once in awhile it is okay to eat dessert!

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